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DeckMaster is now TrueDecks! Same ownership, same services, new name.

DeckMaster is now TrueDecks! Same ownership, same services, new name.

5 Fence Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

fence repair frederick maryland

Taking on your own fence repair in Frederick, Maryland can be a tricky task. The basics of cleaning and routine maintenance may not seem that tough, but what about sagging posts, leaning fences, and extensive rot or missing boards? 

You don’t have to be a professional carpenter to fix some of these issues, and with the help of professional fence repair from TrueDecks, your fence can be structurally and aesthetically good as new. 

#1 – Fence Cleaning

Basic cleaning goes a long way in maintaining the look of your fence and avoiding bigger repair problems by catching them early. For wooden fences, use mild detergent and a wire brush to give it a good scrub. For vinyl fencing, try applying a sodium bicarbonate solution using a soft cloth. Avoid the use of bleach on both wood and vinyl fences. 

Be cautious about pressure washing your fence as the harsh spray can actually do more damage than good. Instead, try the revolutionary PressureLess™ Cleaning System & Preservation System from TrueDecks. 

#2 – Fence Repair For Minor Damage

Keep an eye out for cracks and holes in your fence. Addressing these spots early can help prevent damage from getting worse. And the good news is, fixing these areas is actually pretty simple. 

Start by sanding the inner portion of the hole or crack and the surface around the area. Wipe away any sawdust then apply wood putty to the hole using a putty knife. Allow the putty to dry for about 24 hours, then sand over the surface to make it smooth and stain over the area if needed to blend it. 

#3 – Fixing Damage Or Missing Boards

It’s not uncommon for wooden fence panels to rot, warp, or even fall off over time. If this occurs, measure the width and height of your panels and find replacement wood at your local hardware store. Remove any remnants of rotting or broken panels using a crowbar, line up and level the new boards, then secure them using a hammer or nail gun. 

#4 – Reinforcing Sagging Fence Posts

Over time, it’s fairly common for the weight of your fence to cause sagging in some areas. The concrete footing may need reinforced—especially if structural posts have started to rot. 

Brace the post using timber, then dig around the concrete footing and break it using a chisel and a sledgehammer. Adjust the post to the correct upright position, secure it using a brace, then pour new concrete footing. Once the concrete has cured for 48 hours, remove the brace.

#5 – Know When To Call In Professional Fence Repair

For major structural damage, it’s crucial to call in professional help to repair your fence. This is both better from a safety standpoint and to ensure the longevity of your fence. 

Professional fence repair in Frederick, Maryland can help eliminate major safety hazards. You can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with utilizing the skill, equipment, and expertise of a company who knows how to mend your fence properly. 

Fence Repair In Frederick, Maryland 

Trust your fence in the hands of TrueDecks. Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your fence is safe, secure, and beautiful for years to come. 

Contact TrueDecks today or all of your fence repair needs!