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DeckMaster is now TrueDecks! Same ownership, same services, new name.

DeckMaster is now TrueDecks! Same ownership, same services, new name.

3 Reasons To Own A Pergola

A pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. The word ‘pergola’ comes from the Latin word pergula which means ‘projecting roof’. For anybody who’s looking to add something extra to their backyard, a pergola may be just what you’re looking for. Here are three reasons why you should own a pergola.

Extend Your Living Space

Pergolas transform your outdoor space into perfect living and entertaining space. They provide shade for those warm summer days, and although they usually don’t have solid roofs, they can provide protection against light wind and rain. A pergola above a deck or patio is great for outdoor furniture, a ceiling fan, small outdoor speakers, a string of lights, and an endless amount of design options. More living space means more possibilities.

Spruce Up Your Garden

One of the great advantages to having a pergola is the ability to cover it in climbing plants, vines, and/or hanging potted plants. With a pergola, your garden is no longer confined to the ground. There is a distinct beauty that will be added to your home that only green plant life can provide.

Add Value To Your Property

The addition of a pergola or deck will greatly increase the value of your home and property. A pergola adds character and beauty to an otherwise regular or boring landscape. When compared to other methods of increasing the value of a home, you’ll see that building a pergola is relatively inexpensive, and certainly worth the investment.

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