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DeckMaster is now TrueDecks! Same ownership, same services, new name.

DeckMaster is now TrueDecks! Same ownership, same services, new name.

How To Clean Your Deck Without Damaging It

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What’s the point of cleaning your deck if the process only does more damage than good? 

Thankfully, TrueDecks offers a smart solution to power washing in Germantown, Maryland that’s not only damage-free but also gives your deck a deeper clean!

Your deck is a significant investment and deserves the best clean. That’s what you can expect from our team at TrueDecks.

Our Alternative To Power Washing In Germantown, Maryland 

Decks are bound to wear over time. However, it’s possible to keep yours in pristine condition for the long haul as long as you take proper steps. 

The last thing you want is to see your deck falling apart—especially when you consider how much money and time go into building and maintaining a high quality deck structure. 

Average maintenance on an annual basis matters. So does understanding what methods, even if well intended, can actually damage the wood of your deck. 

One of those practices that can hurt more than help is power washing in Germantown, Maryland

But not to worry! We’ve developed a PressureLess Cleaning Process that removes even the toughest dirt, grime, and stains but won’t harm your deck wood or finish. 

The TrueDecks approach to power washing in Germantown, Maryland also rejuvenates and strengthens wood to help it withstand future damage. 

Another added bonus is that our method is better for the local environment, too. We’re a local company and we care about our local community. We don’t just show that in word, but through our actions and methods, too. 

Each deck is unique, and we’ll treat yours with the specialized care it deserves. We’ll also offer you nothing less than the absolute best service from start to finish. 

We also offer price estimates prior to beginning your service, and a price match guarantee for every service we offer. 

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of a better process than power washing in Germantown, Maryland today! 

Contact our team today to get started.